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Problem with Panasonic LX100 and aspect ratios

Added by Álvaro Remesal over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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I have a problem with Darktable and my Panasonic LX100, when trying to open photos with aspect ratio 16:9, 3:2 or 1:1 (but 4:3 works fine).

In the LX100 you can choose the aspect ratio with an on-camera switch so your RAW will have that selected aspect ratio.

I can open and work fine with RAWs in 4:3 mode, but if I try to import and open a RAW in any other aspect ratio (16:9, 1:1 or 3:2) Darktable displays the "Working..." message and consums 100% CPU.

If I kill Dt and reopen it, it will show skulls for the pictures not in 4:3 aspect ratio and the message "Image IMAGE is not available". I can work on the 4:3 ones with no problem.

Running Dt from console give me these messages:

[rawspeed] Camera 'Panasonic' 'DMC-LX100', mode '16:9' not supported, and not allowed to guess. Sorry.
[rawspeed] Camera 'Panasonic' 'DMC-LX100', mode '3:2' not supported, and not allowed to guess. Sorry.
[rawspeed] Camera 'Panasonic' 'DMC-LX100', mode '16:9' not supported, and not allowed to guess. Sorry.

I'm using Darktable 1.6.2 from Ubuntu respositories (version 1.6.2-0pmjdebruijn1~trusty for amd64).

I'll attach sample RAW files with each aspect ratio. I've uploaded them to, too.

Panasonic_LX100_aspect_ratio_1to1.RW2 (11.9 MB) Panasonic_LX100_aspect_ratio_1to1.RW2 Sample aspect ratio 1:1 - Doesn't work Álvaro Remesal, 02/26/2015 02:39 PM
Panasonic_LX100_aspect_ratio_3to2.RW2 (14.3 MB) Panasonic_LX100_aspect_ratio_3to2.RW2 Sample aspect ratio 3:2 - Doesn't work Álvaro Remesal, 02/26/2015 02:42 PM
Panasonic_LX100_aspect_ratio_4to3.RW2 (14.7 MB) Panasonic_LX100_aspect_ratio_4to3.RW2 Sample aspect ratio 4:3 - Works Álvaro Remesal, 02/26/2015 02:45 PM
Panasonic_LX100_aspect_ratio_16to9.RW2 (13.2 MB) Panasonic_LX100_aspect_ratio_16to9.RW2 Sample aspect ratio 16:9 - Doesn't work Álvaro Remesal, 02/26/2015 02:47 PM
Panasonic_LX100_WB_Auto.RW2 (14.3 MB) Panasonic_LX100_WB_Auto.RW2 Panasonic LX100 WB Auto Álvaro Remesal, 02/27/2015 03:15 PM
Panasonic_LX100_WB_Cloudy.RW2 (14.3 MB) Panasonic_LX100_WB_Cloudy.RW2 Panasonic LX100 WB Cloudy Álvaro Remesal, 02/27/2015 03:16 PM
Panasonic_LX100_WB_Incandescent.RW2 (14.3 MB) Panasonic_LX100_WB_Incandescent.RW2 Panasonic LX100 WB Incandescent Álvaro Remesal, 02/27/2015 03:20 PM
Panasonic_LX100_WB_Flash.RW2 (14.3 MB) Panasonic_LX100_WB_Flash.RW2 Panasonic LX100 WB Flash Álvaro Remesal, 02/27/2015 03:22 PM
Panasonic_LX100_WB_Shadow.RW2 (14.3 MB) Panasonic_LX100_WB_Shadow.RW2 Panasonic LX100 WB Shadow Álvaro Remesal, 02/27/2015 03:25 PM
Panasonic_LX100_WB_Sun-Daylight.RW2 (14.3 MB) Panasonic_LX100_WB_Sun-Daylight.RW2 Panasonic LX100 WB Sun/Daylight Álvaro Remesal, 02/27/2015 03:27 PM


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#2 Updated by Pedro Côrte-Real over 5 years ago

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This is now fixed in current git master:

It will be included in 1.6.3 whenever we release that. Since the changes are only to cameras.xml you can edit /usr/share/darktable/rawspeed/cameras.xml and add those extra lines (without the leading + signs) and everything should work fine.

#3 Updated by Álvaro Remesal over 5 years ago

I confirm that the patch is working fine, checked against some other different RAW files with all the aspect ratios works flawlessy.

#4 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn over 5 years ago

Cherry-picked our 1.6.x maintenance branch:

So this will be part of our upcoming 1.6.3 release.

#5 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn over 5 years ago

I just noticed we don't have any white balance presets yet for the LX100 either.

Could you supply us with a single RAW shot per in camera white balance preset (image content doesn't matter).

#6 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn over 5 years ago

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#7 Updated by Álvaro Remesal over 5 years ago

Pascal, I send you six shots, each one with a WB preset: Auto, Sun/Daylight, Cloudy, Shadow, Incandescent and Flash. I'm not sure if I should post that here, or open a new ticket...

#9 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn over 5 years ago

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