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Problem with Highlights / Shadows Module

Added by Martin Jones over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Git development version darktable 1.6 on Linux Mint 17.1 64bit
When using the Shadows and Highlights module, everything seems to be ok in darktable mode. But when exporting the picture from the lighttable an error message shows up.
It reads: "Kachelung für Modul 'shadhi' fehlgeschlagen. Die Ausgabe könnte fehlerhaft sein." (german version)

The message does not always occur. I had this problem when I was running a 32bit system and updated to 64bit especially to try and solve this problem. The problem seems to occur mainly when I also have other apps running.


#1 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn over 5 years ago

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Please switch to english for reporting issues, so everybody can understand it :)

You might want to try running darktable from a Terminal, and see if you get any additional messages...

Also, how large and of what type (RAW from which camera, or JPEG or TIFF or ...) is the image you're trying to process? How much RAM does your machine have? What parameters are you using for shadows and highlights?

#2 Updated by Martin Jones over 5 years ago

sorry, this is the message that the program spits out, basically it is saying that there is a problem with the tiling, the resulting image may not be correct.
I have 3.8Gb useful RAM
I am exporting from NEF to 8bit Jpeg. The raw files from my D7100 are about 24Mb.

Any further comments would be very much appreciated.

#3 Updated by Simon Spannagel over 5 years ago

You can get the output in English by running

$ LANG=C darktable

in a shell.

#4 Updated by Roman Lebedev over 5 years ago

Martin Jones wrote:

I have 3.8Gb useful RAM

4Gb of system memory is absolute minimum for DT.
With this low amount of memory, such issues are expected to happen.


#5 Updated by Martin Jones over 5 years ago

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Many thanks. then I can consider this thread closed. guess I need to look at upgrading the computer.

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