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flashing thumbnails

Added by Aldric Renaudin over 5 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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as discussed with hanatos on irc today, I've found some problems with cache.
If you want to see nice flashing thumbnails, try to reproduce this steps :
1- fresh install of dt master pulled compiled from git today (means empty build dir, empty cache dir, empty pref dir)
2- open dt and change mimap size to 512 (facultative)
3- import some dirs (test with 2 identicals dirs of 100 cr2 images each without xmp sidecars)
4- close dt, and rename (or delete) one imported dir
5- open dt, show all images, sorted by filename, so you have a meld of skulls and thumbnails
6- browse throught thumbnails
7- after a moment, thumbnails start to continusly refresh, with a beautiful flashing effect ;)

Note : 2 is facultative : if you increase this value, you just have to browse a little longer with a little more images (and skulls) to see the pb
Note2 : I didn't manage to get the problem without removing images...Seems that skulls are the key
Note3 : my screen is 2560x1440 px. As said, all vaules are default, so 5 images per row

Here's some output (last lines) of darktable -d cache
thumb size 1300x1000 cache size 512 :
thumb size 1300x1000 cache size 1024 :
thumb size 2500x1500 cache size 1024 :
thumb size 2500x1500 cache size 2048 :
I can go further if needed...


#1 Updated by Aldric Renaudin over 5 years ago

Little update :
It really seems to be related to missing files.
I can't reproduce at all if all file are present (even with low cache size and lot of files to browse)

Now the symptoms are a little bit different : dt put all cpus to 100% and finally hangs (memory stay normal)
I have to Ctrl-c to quit
Here's one backtrace :
I've managed to get backtrace like this one 4 times, so I hope it's relevant... because sometime I get useless backtraces too (just gtk loops)

Oh and I've manage to freeze my box completely too (hard reset)

#2 Updated by Aldric Renaudin over 5 years ago

Another update.
Here's the cache state, with all file missing :
- dt fresh install, no cache, no config file, no db
- import 300 raw files
- close dt
- rename all files and remove the cache dir
- open dt, browse

result of -d cache :
Then dt hangs, 100% cpu. backtrace with "thread apply all bt full" :

What I really don't understand, is why dt seems to use cache memory, although there's no thumbnail to store, just skulls.

Another note, settings for my "production" dt install is far higher than that (and I haven't skulls) so the case exposed here is more a "test" case than anything

#3 Updated by Roman Lebedev about 4 years ago

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I'm pretty sure this is fixed now.
If you still can reproduce please feel free to reopen the issue :)

#4 Updated by Roman Lebedev over 3 years ago

  • Target version set to 2.2.0

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