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highlight values found in colour picker area or mask

Added by Martijn van Beers almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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< LotR> hmm, I think I found a bug that qualifies as feature for me. if you select spot white balance and draw a rectangle, and then
go to the tone curve and use the dropper, you can still draw a rectangle instead of just selecting a point. and it will show
the range of the selected area in the histograms behind the curves
< LotR> except it only takes into account the minimum and maximum
< parafin> you can do it without wb
< parafin> use color picker module on the left
< parafin> and choose area there
< parafin> same effect
< parafin> I mean after pressing that icon in tone curve
< LotR> ahh
< LotR> it would be even better if it showed all the actual values found instead of just the min and max
< parafin> that probably won't be different
< parafin> and depends on zoom level
< parafin> in theory if we forget about pixels, area has to have all values between min and max because all transitions are smooth
< LotR> maybe that's true for lightness, but I don't think that holds true for the a/b channels
< parafin> yeah, I was thinking about lightness, about color I'm not sure
< parafin> but in any case my point was that it isn't an universally good idea, that's probably why it's not implemented
< LotR> I think that's a very theoretical standpoint :)
< parafin> actually what you want is another histogramm
< parafin> for just the values inside the selected area
< parafin> that makes sense
< parafin> much sense I would even say
< parafin> but I don't know if it is in current color picker design
< parafin> I mean if it can be implemented without major changes
< LotR> yeah, I guess you could do it as a seperate histogram. the reason I think it would be interesting information is to help you
set parameters for a parametric mask
< LotR> even better would be if you could use a mask shape instead of just a rectangle
< parafin> I agree
< parafin> maybe create a FR in redmine so this idea won't be forgotten
< parafin> I think it's a really good one
< parafin> though I don't really know how this can look if it to be used not only in tone curve
< parafin> an extenstion of color picker module? so it could use masks and display a histogramm?
< LotR> that's why my idea of colouring the appropriate parts of the histogram might be better than a new one. if you do the
colouring, you could also colour the ranges of the blend-if (sorry for the photoshop terminology) sliders of the parametric
mask dialog
< parafin> yeah, maybe color/lightness coding can work
< parafin> so it would be just one-dimensional thing that can fit anywhere


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I have no idea what you are actually asking for, pasting discussions isn't helping. If I understand you correctly you can already do what you are after by using the color picker and tell it to limit the histogram to the selected parts (which seems to be a little buggy, but well).

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