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darktable UI does not appear

Added by Dieter Plaetinck over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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this might be related to
but when i doubleclick on a picture in the lighttable (it happens to be a duplicate of another pic, and this duplicate has a series of edits applied to it because i played around with the effects using darktable earlier)
then the darktable UI doesn't render anymore.
that is to say, it renders but looks incomplete
see attached screenshot.
hitting the arrow on top and bottom reverses the arrow orientation but nothing else happens. clicking the left and right arrows changes their orientation and shows/hides the scrollbars,
but no other UI elements are ever visible.

I also noticed this on the stdout of darktable (might be unrelated though):

[exiv2] Directory OlympusCs, entry 0x0101: Strip 0 is outside of the data area; ignored.

[exiv2] Directory OlympusCs, entry 0x0101: Strip 0 is outside of the data area; ignored.

2014-08-10-220749_1600x900_scrot.png (976 KB) 2014-08-10-220749_1600x900_scrot.png Dieter Plaetinck, 08/11/2014 05:10 AM


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Does that happen with all pictures? What if you import a single image instead of a whole folder? Does that take you to a working darkroom?
I would also like to know how you installed darktable. From your distribution's repository? Or did you compile yourself? I have never seen anything like that where the scrollbars are there but the modules are missing.

#2 Updated by Dieter Plaetinck over 5 years ago

No this rarely happens, for the most part DT works very well for me. only occassionally does this happen.
I run local/darktable-git release. on Arch Linux 64 bit, so I built darktable using which just pulls from git and builds the default branch, i installed this one on Sun 03 Aug 2014 08:11:52 PM EDT, so whatever the master branch looked like then, that's what i'm running now. (i built myself because i disabled stripping of debug symbols, which is enabled by default in arch linux)

#3 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 5 years ago

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So it doesn't happen always. That's good (it allows you to work with it) and also bad (it rules out the simple reasons like missing files in your installation). Does it happen always with that one image? Or is it completely random?

#4 Updated by Dieter Plaetinck over 5 years ago

i'll have to get back to you on that, once it happens again
for my ref, this happened with id 33017

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