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duplicate image -> darkroom -> duplicate disappears from lighttable

Added by Dieter Plaetinck over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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when you have 1 or more images in the lighttable, and you duplicate one of them, and then go darktable (whether it's by clicking on the duplicate or the original), and then go back to the lighttable, the duplicates have vanished from the UI. trying to requery for the filename, or tags/color labels doesn't help (even when you know the conditions should match the original and also the dupes), the duplicates are still not shown.

the only way to show the duplicate again, is by creating a new duplicate again. that way you go from seeing just the original to seeing the original, the duplicates you previously made, and the duplicate you just made.


#1 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 5 years ago

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Do you have grouping enabled by any chance?

#2 Updated by Dieter Plaetinck over 5 years ago

aha yes, the 'G' button in lighttable is activated. disabling that is more in line what i expected.

But still though, it's counterintuitive that the view you when you return from darktable is different from what you saw before going into darktable. (without touching the grouping setting)
Maybe when you make a duplicate, the grouping option should become off, and it would be up to the user to explicitly enable it again, just a thought.

#3 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 5 years ago

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Since you can just expand the single group again by clicking on the 'G' inside the image thumbnail I don't see a need to change anything.

#4 Updated by Dieter Plaetinck over 5 years ago

so just to clarify, when you create a duplicate, lighttable will show all duplicates (the new one + older ones) even with grouping enabled (!). So when you go to darkroom (or anywhere else actually, like the map), and then go back, the display has completely changed (now they are grouped) even when you didn't touch any buttons. I would argue that this is inconsistent and confusing.
Hence my suggestion for DT to turn off grouping when you create a duplicate.

Alternatively, when you create a duplicate, DT could truly honor the grouping flag:
  • if grouping is enabled, show all duplicates
  • if grouping is disabled, don't just show all duplicates next to each other (which is the current behavior). But to give some visual feedback about the creation of a new duplicate, it could just show a notification like "added duplicate of picture <filename> to group"

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