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Batch cropping is very annoying

Added by Andrew Pullins almost 6 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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I have over 5,000 photos that I am cropping. Every time I want to crop the next photo I have to deselect the crop panel and then select it again. When I first found the tool I tried to drag and draw the crop selection like I do in GIMP, come to find out it is not like gime.. well its sort of like gimp with the selection handles I vary much like those. There is also a problem with making crop selections too small. So to sum up.

1. every time I want to make a crop selection I have to close the crop menu item and reopen it.
2. You can not drag and draw a cop selection which is how every other program does This. Never mind I just watched a video on how to crop in lightroom and thats how they do it and I still think its stupid.
3. There is a point in which once you make a small enough crop selection you can no longer make the selection smaller.

I don't know if any these are by design or a bug or a feature not implemented So Ill just make it a feature.


#1 Updated by Ralf Brown almost 6 years ago

I encountered the same thing, and agree that there should be an option to allow dragging to set the crop (especially in fit-to-window view where you can't pan). Or perhaps shift-drag could be used, then there won't be ambiguity with panning and no need to have a configuration option.

As a partial workaround to #1, you don't have to close the Crop module. Just click anywhere in it (doesn't even have to be on one of its widgets) to activate it and the crop grid will come up.

The real problem is the disconnect between "open" and "active" -- if the Crop module was active before switching images, it should remain active after, but it doesn't, even though it retains its open/collapsed state. That confuses the user when the option to keep only one module expanded at a time is in effect because the sole expanded module is not active as it is in all other cases.

#2 Updated by Vincent Fregeac over 1 year ago

[Darktable 2.6.0rc1] At least in 2.6.0rc1, crop selections can be dragged to move, and side/corner handles can be dragged to resize. However, there is still a minimum cropping size for no logical reason, and we still need to close and reopen the crop widget to create a crop rectangle when moving to another picture.

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