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Support Nikon D810 NEF files

Added by Peter Teuben over 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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I have a D800 and darktable processes the raw NEF files beautifully. But the just released D810 comes out very badly color shifted. Perhaps new NEF files need some default profile applied? I can make a NEF file available. This new Nikon also has a new sNEF (small NEF) format option.
The NEF style I used was the Large one (7360x4912),Lossless compressed, 14 bit.


#1 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn over 5 years ago

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The Nikon D810 is not a supported camera yet.

To look into adding support for the D810, we need a sample D810 NEF and a converted DNG (using Adobe's DNG Converter 8.6RC or newer) made available to us.

#2 Updated by Peter Teuben over 5 years ago

I'm happy to supply that, except right now I don't know how to convert to DNG on a linux box.

I was able to "patch" up the github version of darktable, and got a bit further,
but getting an error
[colorin] `NIKON D810' color matrix not found!

I also read the

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Without a converted DNG, there's nothing we can do.

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I've managed to get my hands on a converted DNG, and I've added preliminary support for normal NEFs from the D810 to git master. One thing I'm not so sure of is the cropbox, usually sensors have useless pixels to the sides, which doesn't seem to occur with the D810. So either I'm correct and these are cropped off in-body, or it's just not obvious from the limited samples I have.

I would suggest you try our git master branch with some of your images, and see if you see black or white pixels (or other artifacts) on the edges of your images.

WARNING: Do keep in mind that git master is a development branch, so at times things may break without warning. Also once you run a git master version of Darktable, it may automatically upgrade your image library so it can no longer be used with the stable version of Darktable.

I'd be interested in an sNEF sample too, though supporting those might take a while, but we have to start somewhere.

Also, optionally, you could submit white balance preset sample NEFs, so we can add wb presets to darktable for the D810 too.

#5 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn over 5 years ago

While not directly related to darktable, you may want to consider uploading a general NEF/sNEF sample to as well.

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#7 Updated by Gregor Jehle about 5 years ago

I also have a D810 and would like to use darktable. Can I contribute any data or test some code to help?
I've just build darktable from git and the main issue I was facing with the official Fedora 20 package (tinted images) is gone. At first glance images look good.

#8 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn about 5 years ago

Our next major release will likely support basic D810 NEFs.

We probably don't have support for sNEF yet though. So some sNEF samples could possibly help.

#9 Updated by Gregor Jehle about 5 years ago

I've taken a set of shots using fixed whitebalance (tungsten) of the same scene as sNEF, NEF, and JPEG.
You find them here:

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This is now fixed in git master and in the 1.6.x branch. Whenever we release 1.6.4 this should all be working fine.

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