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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
12147darktableBugNewLowmixed photosPeter M04/21/2018 12:17 AM2.4.2
12146darktableBugNewLowGeotagging module hangsJean-Luc CECCOLI04/19/2018 10:38 PM2.4.2
12145darktableFeatureNewLowTool for repairing camera induced image artifactsJesper Anderson04/19/2018 10:53 AM2.4.2
12144darktableBugNewLowsymbol in lighttable rotates 180 not 90 degreesFrank Jäger04/15/2018 07:05 PMdarktable -
12143darktableFeatureNewLowUsability → Presets from official documentationTimur Davletshin04/15/2018 05:23 PM2.4.2
12142darktableBugNewLowAuto modules → Force enable/disableTimur Davletshin04/15/2018 04:54 PM2.4.2
12141darktableFeatureNewLow Image information → GeolocationTimur Davletshin04/15/2018 03:29 PM2.4.2
12140darktableBugNewLowEXIF data sometimes disappears when exporting as JPGnadim ahmed04/15/2018 01:11 PM2.4.2
12139darktableFeatureNewLowLighttable → History stack actionsTimur Davletshin04/15/2018 12:49 PM2.4.2
12138darktableFeatureNewLowExport settings → JPEG settingsTimur Davletshin04/15/2018 12:39 PM2.4.2
12137darktableFeatureNewLowImage information → Flash statusTimur Davletshin04/15/2018 12:32 PM2.4.2
12136darktableBugNewLowCrop and rotate → Double cropTimur Davletshin04/15/2018 12:24 PM2.4.2
12135darktableBugNewLowModule settings auto collapse → New instanceTimur Davletshin04/14/2018 08:36 PM2.4.2
12134darktableCamera SupportNewLowOlympus E-PL9 supportŠarūnas BurdulisRoman Lebedev04/14/2018 07:48 PMdarktable - Candidate for next patch releasegit master branch
12133darktableFeatureNewLowpopout sidecardsPeter M04/13/2018 11:59 PM2.4.2
12132darktableBugNewLowHierarchical tags/keywords: incoherent/unexpected behavior when applying first and second level keywords at the same time or notm laverdiere04/13/2018 05:36 PM2.4.2
12131darktableCamera SupportIncompleteMediumNo Fujifilm X-H1 support: unable to open any RAF filesIke AhLoeRoman Lebedev04/12/2018 10:14 PMdarktable - Candidate for next patch releasegit master branch
12130darktableBugNewLowStrange color change when opening highly saturated images first time in darkroomM G04/12/2018 08:29 PM2.4.2
12129darktableBugNewLowdarktable 2.4.2 not Exporting consistentlyMarli Alyn04/11/2018 10:08 PM2.4.2
12128darktableBugNewLowMacOS command and delete keysqmr qmr04/10/2018 03:08 PMgit master branch
12127darktableBugIncompleteLowDarktable is a pile of hot shit on Macqmr qmr04/10/2018 08:54 PMdarktable - 2.6.0git master branch
12126darktableBugNewLowColor zones: picking and adjusting coloursIstvan Kovacs04/09/2018 10:26 PM2.4.2
12125darktableBugNewLowCrash in lighttable, scrolling through images (malloc invalid chunk size)Neil Schemenauer04/13/2018 06:29 AM2.4.2
12124darktableFeatureNewLowPrecise crop and rotateTimur Davletshin04/09/2018 04:03 PM2.4.2
12121darktableBugNewLowLoss "Nikon Lens Data" in jpeg exif dataBernard CEURSTEMONT04/12/2018 11:08 AM2.4.2
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