darktable development wiki

This wiki is the development wiki for darktable. If you are looking for tutorials or user related informations please have a look at the user's wiki.

darktable Development Guidelines


Contributing Code: Patches, Forks, Pull Requests


Meetings & Internal Matters

Dev Meeting Agenda

Information collection for founding an association (german)

darktable Development

GuiGuidelines - we try to smooth darktable's gui.

UsabilityIssues - self explaining.

GuiCleanup - buttons in the wrong place? undescriptive labels on controls? suggestions for enhancements here.

UserInterfaceMockup - New user interface proposals and discussion.

Masks UI Specs - User Interface Specification for Masks

MetadataBrowserGui - mock-up for possible new interface for collection plugin

Print Mode Specs - Print Mode Specs

Dual Head Support Dual head support in Darktable

Foldermodule - Folder module

Coding Style - How to write code for darktable

Hacking on darktable - Getting started for hacking on darktable

LuaUsage - How to script darktable with lua

Snapshots - Enhanced snapshots in darktable

Scanning - Film scanning feature

Darktable on OS X - Building from git sources on OS X

GSoC participation

darktable took part in the 2011 GSoC run. Find all pages related to the Google Summer of Code here, including student's proposals and instructions.

Darktable Styles

DarktableStyles - User generated style

Upcoming styles sharing platform - A nice place to share the styles

Versions and roadmap


  • PlannedFeatures - New features list with some outline of the plans regarding those.
  • Pipeline2.0 - structural changes to the pixel pipeline



Rebel sample files (Testing, this, do not enter :)

Also available in: PDF HTML TXT